NTT Germany

The seamless production of textiles - in technical jargon so-called hose products - is one of the core competences of NTT, which was founded by Hans R. Bauer in 1999. As technical director in his father - in - law 's knitting mill, Bauer, who holds several patents, acquired all the diverse skills he could ultimately bring to his own company: knitting and materials, machine development and customization, specification of customer requirements, textile design and much more.

NTT Croatia

Since 2018, NTT has also been producing the developed products in series production. 50 employees take care of the smooth running of the production facility in Croatia.


Although NTT also produces individual series, the company's core business is prototyping. Hans Bauer and his 25 employees - including some textile engineers from the nearby University of Applied Sciences Albstadt-Sigmaringen - develop innovative technologies and processes with which then produce the industry sizes.

NTT works with laser cutting, ultrasonic welding, dispensing or screen printing with silicone. In addition, NTT has acquired expertise in the manufacture of so-called Smart Textiles over the past 20 years.